Sunday, 22 January 2017

Nude by Rihanna

Good afternoon all...

So 2016 ended not to bad... okay it ended great and well 2017 same...

So ending with 2016 I got something from my boss, just a Merry Christmas ... Happy new Year, thank you for dealing with my (we all know what) during 2016 present.
Whilst I'm not really a perfume girl... I liked this and then from there on I just liked perfume?
Is that weird... well if you got this then its totally normal.

Nude by Rihanna

Nude by Rihanna is a sweet floral – fruity fragrance with a vanilla background.
With its woody and skin musky notes, the fragrance transmits intimacy
and a feeling of bare skin and nakedness.

Fruity aromas of guava, mandarin and pear are located at the opening of the composition.
The heart is blended out of white flowers: gardenia petals, velvety Sambac jasmine and creamy orange blossom.
The base consists of sandalwood, vanilla orchid and "second skin" musk.

Availability: Selected Edgars, Foschini, Red Square, Stuttafords, Woolworths and Truworths stores.
Price: Depending on the size (ml's) of the perfume you can expect to pay anything from
R465 - R695, IN South Africa 

Well that's all from me now.
Will be updating again soon. Have a great Sunday afternoon