Thursday, 6 October 2016

My daily Beauty Routine with Aloe Ferox

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Aloe Ferox
I believe if I sell a product to people I must at least be familiarized with it.

Okay so my daily beauty routine goes as follows:

1. Foaming Cleanser
Foaming cleanser is a liquid facial cleanser ideally suited for normal and combination skin, but my skin type is oily and during my time studying Beauty Therapy, I have learnt for oily skin, washing your skin with a foam based face wash is suggested. Dirt and oils are gently dissolved, make-up is removed and pores are cleansed. 

From Aloe: Cleanse the skin at least once a day thoroughly but gently.

TIP! Use cleansing action to massage skin gently. This promotes blood circulation which in turn promotes a rosy appearance. 

Why should you use a daily cleanser?
      Locks the moisture in
      Helps protect the skin against dehydration
      Aloe is beneficial for the elasticity of the skin

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2. Balancing Toner
Balancing Toner refreshes and cools the skin after cleansing face and neck area. It also helps to remove remaining dirt and make-up. Balancing Toner is an absolutely necessary part of the facial routine because of acts as an astringent after cleansing; closes the pores of the skin, restores the pH balance of the skin; protects against bacteria and contamination; absorbs excess oil. 

From Aloe: Balancing Toner is lightly fragranced, but a non-perfumed version is available for the sensitive and allergic skin.

Why should you use a toner daily?
Aloe helps improve the penetrability of the skin to absorb nutrients and moisturizers.  
Allow protects the skin against dehydration. 
Balancing Toner does not contain alcohol. 

3. Super Aloe Gel
Super Aloe gel is made up of a combination of herbs that are known for their positive effect on various skin conditions. 
A skin care routine without Super Aloe Gel is incomplete. Aloe improves absorption of nutrients and has a positive effect on the repairing action and the elasticity of the skin.
      Important antioxidants in Super Aloe Gel helps to slow signs of aging. 

From Aloe: Apply 2 - 3 x per day to the skin where necessary. 

Why should you use Super Aloe Gel daily?
Aloe contains at least 130 medicinal agents with various actions: anti-inflammatory, analgesic calming, antiseptic, germicidal, anti-viral, anti-tumour, anti-cancer, detoxifying, stimulating cell renewal, stimulating wound healing and destroying parasitises.
       Aloe helps to improve penetration in the skin so that nutrients and moisturizers can be absorbed more easily 
       Aloe improves elasticity and has a repairing effect on the skin. 

Moisturizer is ideally suited for oily, normal and combination skin. The moisturizer also delays the aging process.
Treatment of the skin frequently causes the oil glands to function better and improve the condition of the skin.

From Aloe: Moisturizer to be applied before aloe gels dries completely. This promotes absorption. 

Why should you use Moisturizer daily?
Advantageous to delay signs of aging
Beneficial for cell rejuvenation and suppleness
Helps protect against dehydration and pollution
Nourishes the skin

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I have been using Aloe Ferox since May 2016, this year and I absolutely love it! I love that all the products are made from the Aloe plant. 

I have really been seeing some awesome results, however, I started using the Radical Image capsules which really had a great effect on my breakout, then clever "me" stopped taking it and I started breaking out again. The secret to have a great flawless looking skin, one should do exercise, eat healthily and cut down on all those nice sweets and fizzy drinks, even alcohol. You also need to follow a daily beauty routine, morning and night. Wash, tone, moisturize. Even if you have a beautiful skin - stick to what I have mentioned above... as you want to keep that good looking skin right? 

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