Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Holiday May 2016 - Albertinia & Stilbaai

Hi everyone, 

Hope everyone is doing good.

So for my almost final post about my holiday. 
We visited one day during our holiday Albertinia & Stilbaai.

Aloe Ferox - soon I will do a whole post on this amazing product!
This is Aloe Ferox Factory


Aloe Ferox shop

My mom is obsessed with these old trees, everytime she saw one she demanded us 
to take a photo of it! :D

You know you enter the Stilbaai road when you see this boat! :D

This was our lunch - fresh calamari, fish and chips! When you are visiting 
the coast - a sea food meal is the way to go!!

Sooooo this will be my last post about my holiday 
unless I have a special photo, I want to share with you.
However my next post will be about all my gifts I bought.

Have a great night everone & be save.