Friday, 1 July 2016

Garden Route Mosselbay - Holiday 2016

Hi Ladies and Gents, 

Hope everyone is still good. 

I decided to get a move on and finish my Travelling - Holiday May 2016 contents so we can start with some exciting make up totrials perhaps?
Jap i got my make-up application study material and im loving it!!! :D

Back to (once) Holiday Vibes...

This was our accommadation at Mosselbay - ATKV (self-catering)

View from the living room - Yes its the beautiful ocean @ night you can hear the waves crashing!

Room with 3 single beds - ocean view

One double bed room - ocean view

One double bed room - ocean view

Beautiful bath room with shower and bath

"Dassie" - hehe

I miss this place!!! This is the "Holiday farm" when we lived in Mosselbay a few years ago we lived here. I guess as you grow older you start to appreciate things more and I have to admit, I dont think I appreciated it when I was younger :,(

Full moon exploding over the ocean!! How i struggled to take a beautiful picture of the moon & the ocean. Owh its little boats and ships on the ocean ... the little lights there!

 Playing around with my camera - love this photo!!

This is soooo amazing when me and my mom went to collect some pretty shells this guy was busy building these sand figures - very creative and talended.

We discovered this bus at the harbour the day before we left to return home! Its a bad and a good thing. 
Bad - If i discovered earlier i would have probably eaten there every single day as their food is extremely fresh and fabulous!! 
Good - We would have probably eaten there everyday!! Its right next to the ocean and its just ... undecribable and cosy and .... awesome.

Owh yes just another "Dassie"

On the beach...

Had to take this photo of me, my sister, her son and Mommy!! <3 font="">

This is our accommadation from the outside

My cousin and her fiance visited so we had a "braai" which was so nice just sitting and chatting! 

At Bayview mall - had a awesome cup of... something chocolatie with my brother and sister. 

Dinner with the family at the "Point"

 Mosselbay church

We had perfect timing for our holiday so while we were the one of my favourite South African artists preformed at Mosselbay town Hall - Karlien van Jaarsveld. My mother was supose to go with but she told us my cousin must go with so me my sister and cousin went - I tried to embarres them but dont think I got that right heheh!!

After Karliens show we went for drinks and met up with her fiance.
It was so nice spending time with her as we dont see her that often.

The last day of our holiday we explored and got some last minute present and visited this shop...
I love antique vintage stores!

If you live in SA you'll know this magazine YourFamily! This magazine is about R30 something rand. 32 years ago it was 0.78c...
Do the sum! ;)

So hope you liked my update... Let me know what you think!!

Have a great weekend everyone and be save and warm if you are in SA!!