Friday, 27 May 2016

Klein Karoo - JHB to Meiringspoort #1

Hi everyone,

I was suppose to update my post yesterday and i was n tiny bit busy - sorry!

Anyways lets get started

Johannesburg to Meiringspoort

Johannesburg to Beaufort-West,23.070929,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x1e950c68f0406a51:0x238ac9d9b1d34041!2m2!1d28.0473051!2d-26.2041028!1m5!1m1!1s0x1c2aaa505750ef8d:0x400db52f44f0db8a!2m2!1d22.5841075!2d-32.35286

Beaufort-West to Meiringspoort,+S33.40842+E22.55795,+N12/@-32.8179319,22.3465727,8z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x1c2aaa505750ef8d:0x400db52f44f0db8a!2m2!1d22.5841075!2d-32.35286!1m5!1m1!1s0x1dd58b1123dafaed:0xd7d780146ae3f2c3!2m2!1d22.5568789!2d-33.4101423

We left at 6 o'clock i think...

Breakfast @ Wimpy!

My sister and her son!

My brother and sister again!

My Dad, Mom and Me! There was no time for dressing up! hehe

My first cup of coffee for the day hehe! This was sooooo nice! 

My chicken mayo and bacon croissant heheh delicious! 

The border between the Free State and the Northern Cape!

Me!!! I'm loving these Wind Pumps... Windmills not sure by what English name it goes but i love them on the road we actually saw quite a few!

I love these small little towns heheh!

Three sisters but the one was hiding!

Beaufort West

Soooo here in South Africa we have a fast food place called Nando's and lately i have been lovin' Nando's so Thursday the 12th when we arrived in Beaufort - West we quickly went to check in at our accommodation and then me my sister and brother drove to get something to eat. Nando's is quite big here by us, my sister decided to ask someone if there is a Nando's (but in English) and this guy is struggling with the English - when you start entering the Cape provinces you may speak Afrikaans you are not in Johannesburg :D. We actually had such a 'lekker' laugh and so there was no Nando's but there was a 4 SHEEP, which wasn't that bad at all! I had their Mushroom burger, very nice just a little messy! They also have a nice craft/gift shop down stairs and then the restaurant up stairs unfortunately it was a bit late so we couldn't sit and eat!

Accommodation: Young's Budget Accommodation.
We were very happy with Young's accommodation. My sister, her son, me and my brother shared a room and my parents got their own

Friendly people always ready with a smile... if you are ready with a camera!! LOVE IT!!


On our way to Swellendam ...

I love these 'Padstalls' next to the road in the middle of nowhere. Some have biltong, droe wors, dried fruits (fresh), fresh smell of coffee, koeksisters, there are so many nice things you can get from these 'padstalls' - so if you see one... STOP!! 


 Unfortunately this one (above) was closed by the time we passed it!


My brother and sister

Me and my sister.

Freaken awesome old petrol pump

Laughs - Break in - death sentence! 

Love these wind pump!!!

haha my dad 'holding' the wind pump. 

Almost at Meiringspoort :D



I hope you enjoyed this post. I will be updating again on Monday - 
with the rest of our trip photos!! 

Have a great weekend everyone and remember be save!! 


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My New book - Leandie du Randt author of "Comfortable in my own skin"

Hi everyone!
I'm back at work and back to... REALITY! I'm not lovin' this very much BUT I'm positive! hahah anyways I took some great photos from my holiday down at the coast! My first post will be tomorrow soooo keep your eyes open and your mails open to receive my update - also if you are not subscribed to my blog quick quick and go subscribe, every time I update my blog you will receive a mail.
I also bought 'Comfortable in your own skin' author Leandie du Randt, it is for teenager girls but there's nothing wrong with you if you are not a teenager and you feel like reading it... I mean I am 25!
Comfortable in your own skin - Leandie du Randt
I would have loved to get it in Afrikaans but unfortunately they didn't have it. I bought it at the Bargain Books or Exclusive books (I'll confirm in my next post) in the Garden Route Mall in George @ R140.
I think the real reason I bought the book is because Leandie was in Mosselbay the 24th of May and unfortunately we left the 22nd and I was sooooo jealous I could go! So instead I decided to rather just buy her book!
Leandie du Randt is an energetic, passionate, spontaneous and hardworking
individual with an immense appreciation and joy for life. She loves working
with people as well as to entertain and inspire them through various mediums
 like acting, presenting, motivational talking and writing. She currently works
 as an actress, MC, voice artist, model, presenter, and as author of her first
book for teenage girls 'How to be comfortable in your own skin ' released
May 2014 in both English and Afrikaans 'Gemaklik in jou Eie Lyf'.
Leandie graduated at the University of Johannesburg in 2009 in BCom Industrial
 Psychology where she also completed her honours in Industrial Psychology
end 2010. Leandie is also a registered psychometrist since end 2011.
Leandie is best known for her role as 'Mieke' in the renowned Afrikaans
 Kyknet series Getroud met Rugby. After that her work includes various
Afrikaans films such  as Semi - Soet, Klein Karoo and recently released
 in April 2014 Die Windpomp. Leandie will also be seen in three other
 Afrikaans feature films early 2015 which include Hollywood in My Huis,
Strikdas and Mooirivier. Leandie also competed in BBC’s world
renowned reality show Strictly Come Dancing 2014 on SABC 3 season 7,
and ended up being first runners Рup with her partner Brandon Eilers le Rich̩.
Leandie can also be seen on SABC 3 on Saturday evenings as presenter of
 the traveling and magazine show Naweek which aired 20 September 2014.
Furthermore, will Leandie also be seen in the popular soap Binnelanders
 on KykNET from 9 October 2014 as Ivanka Gouws.
When I started reading that book I actually got inspired to begin a new project at
the moment it's still a secret but when I'm half way I will maybe tell you ;) !
Well this is all from my side today.
See tomorrow and remember be save!