Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Avon - Hot buys July 2015

Hi all you beautiful people! Hope everyone is still good! Its July and we are half way through the week and halfway through the year!! Where did the last 6 months fly to or the last 3 years at least! But instead of complaining about time passing sooooo quickly lets try to focus on whats right in front of us! 

So talking about whats right in front of us! Check out some of the great offers Avon has to offer this month. If you are in SA send me a mail if you are interested in ordering, preferable East Rand side!

Any queries also feel free to send me a mail on

Remember ALL first time buyers get a free gift! 

Have a great day!


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Photo: Clouds

Hi all, So sorry for not updating my blog for a while now. I just want my followers/readers to read the best and I have been struggling with internet connection. 

Remembered one of my previous contents well it's time! My post was suppose to be posted yesterday but I'll post it the next day. 


When I drew this picture I first thought of green grassy hills and beautiful flowers a barn-ish picture hehe! 
When I was done drawing it was the sea and the beach and my clouds... and a beautiful sunset!! 

Clouds are cotton wool. 

Remember to mail me your cloud photo -

Have a good day everyone!
Remember to keep beautiful!