Friday, 29 May 2015

Daily make-up fix

Okay so for us not really loving & enjoying our daily tasks we really do appreciate our weekend! So cheers to the weekend to each one of my followers that feels the same way as I do!

Hehehe obviously some day we have to start following our dreams and leave behind what never really made us happy – no matter how difficult it is, just keep on trying! You might be someone’s role model and if you give up, you are showing them that giving up is an option? And it isn’t!

So just a bit of advise from a blogger to a follower...
‘Follow your dreams, you never know if you might see the sun rise or set today!’
‘Do what you want to – not what people tell you or expect you to do’
‘Miracles come true, dreams come true – so make a miracle dream come true’

Okay so now that I shared a bit of advise I want to share something else ‘Make-up’!

So these items are a combination of my favourite items put together.

I love blusher – especially because I have a bit of tubby cheeks I prefer blusher. Applying on my jawline makes my cheeks look bonier. Makes sense?

Eye brow colour
I had an Oops! With my eye brows one day so I apply an eye brow shadow to make my eye brows look fuller and darker. I have black eye brows and my hair is rather light (my natural hair colour)?!
I have a brown and a black. I blend it in and it looks great.

Eye shadow
I like eye shadow. I have started to use eye shadow instead of eye pencil and it works like wonders!
I can use brown (love brown make up) or black.

At the moment I am just using liquid foundation – I need to get the perfect powder. This essence oil free foundation is great. The colour is great and I enjoy how it doesn’t make my skin break out! I have to admit one of my favourite make up brands is ESSENCE, it offers great pencils, shadows etc and it is affordable.

This is my emergency make-up bag let me know what's in yours.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Top Looks

 What a beautiful day in Johannesburg today!

Firstly did you see my new changes on my page – comment or send me a mail on and tell me what you think! Basically the background images are some of my favourite things and places I’d love to visit, my favourite foods, drinks, animal lover, nature lover, fashion freak etc. By looking at these pictures you will maybe get a hint of who I am and what I LOVE!!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Cannes Red carpet – Doodooo my favourites

This weekend I was watching Fashion TV, and they were all about Cannes Film Festival 2015. My personal opinion is some dresses were very nice others hideous! I decided to share my favourite ones with you guys!

Lupita Nyong'o in Gucci 
The color complements this Mexican-Kenyan actress and director's skin tone so beautifully! - Gives her a Greek goddess look!

Naomi Watts in Elie Saab
With small sequins on the top part of the dress and light feathers at the bottom this 46 year old actress pulls it off well!  - Looking beautiful Naomi!

Sienna Miller in Gucci 
I'm personally not a Sienna Miller fan - BUT the ways she pulled off this dress she convinced me she is pretty awesome. The high-waisted grey/blue skirt made this actress look taller, the leather strappies top gives this look a little more relaxed feel.
The brown fabric belt was perfect break the color.

Charlize Theron in Dior
I don't know if it was really the dress or just her pure perfection and beauty but I loved it anyways. With her slim figure Charlize made yellow my favourite color. The tight hugged dress truly made this one of my favourite picks.I love how she didn't over-accessorized and gone with minimum jewelry to complete her look. Whoooohooo go South Africa!

Emma Stone in Oscar de la Renta
Wow this red head freckled skin beauty looks beautiful in this black mini-dress with the beautiful lace boatneck bodice and organza ruffled skirt. 

This was my favourite top 5 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet 2015 looks - but there were probably 100's more I haven't seen! Let me know which ones you liked. 

Hope to hear from you soon!!


Monday, 25 May 2015

Mpumalanga: Earthy Natural Africa (Souvenirs)

Good Afternoon beautiful people! 

I really wanted to share this with you guys - if you are in the area or you visiting South Africa - support these people, they are creative, hardworking and entrepreneurs and it is important to support small businesses - we all need to make a living right?

Nelspruit - These necklaces are fabulous if you are into natural colors and earthy. They are made from seeds - not sure exactly what seeds. 
I got this from the Farm Stall when you are entering Nelspruit (from Jhb side - right side) I bought these for R12 each! There are lots more items to choose from. From home made canned fruit (in glass bottles, farm-ish) to neatly packed dried fruits.

"This shop has such a friendly and welcoming country atmosphere!" 

Sabie - These items are my souvenirs, I bought all this from a real South African shop in Sabie. I had to buy these items - and best of all they were affordable. The drum R26, kalbassie, wooden spoons and steel spools between R2 - R12.

P.S.! While you are there take a jog to the garage across the road from the shop there is a biltong shop! Best Biltong and droe wors ever!! 

Mac Mac Falls - This was very special for me. 
These ladies and gents sit in the cold and heat everyday trying to make a living mostly through tourists - but as locals me and my sister had to support them. 
Unfortunately we didn't have enough money on us to support all of them - we didn't know there were markets; otherwise I would have supported all of them. 
I can also with all honesty say these items are very affordable - 
between R5 - R500 most expensive?
My total buy was about R200 - for everything 
(2 items not on photo below).

God's Window - Oe!! Probably my most favorite item I purchased. 
I bought this from God's Window's market!!! I got the pencil for my nephew 
(his happy with anything), and the leather shoes for myself! 
These shoes are so comfortable and handmade by the lady ladies uncle! 
Pencil R20 and shoes R180.

Mac Mac Falls - Another piece I bought from the MMF - I love these seedy necklaces, it's natural and earthy, this one specific reminds me of the sea... probably the sandy colors in the Western Cape - Cape Agulhas to be exact. Beautiful beaches - a must visit! 

As a entrepreneur myself, it is very difficult to get your loyal customers, I understand people interests differ but instead of buy-passing our adverts rather share it for others to see, that way you as individual with a different interest also helps us building our businesses just by sharing - 
facebook is great publicity. 

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wedding Fever

What a wonderful weekend.
Saturday i attended a wedding with a friend of mine (you'll probably remember my post last week about my outfit? Yap that wedding!)
The whole wedding was beautiful, but obviously we all fall back when it comes to the bride - she looked absolutely beautiful! Just like a Princess! Yes she left us ALL breathless when she walked across the bridge. 

We were across the river from them - as the Bride and her bride's maids came across the small wooden bridge we all were breathless she looked like a Princess from a far far away kingdom. Something out of a fairy tale. Here bridesmaids looked all just as beautiful (and edgy if i may add) - red booby tube (air-light) dresses and cowboy boots! This made me fall in love with this wedding even more. The little boy with the cross-bands - how handsome is that?
I have to admit even I was close to shedding a tear as she came closer, the feeling inside was undescribable - I didn't even get married and I felt like that.

The Groom - think the stress might have caught up with him! This was a face of relief as the bride came closer! I loved this photo! 

The Groom's brothers and now brother in law! Proud was written all over their faces! They have a beautiful sister-in-law! 

This was just a very pretty decoration

This was on our tables - a newsletter for each guest!
And Exactly how the Groom proposed to the Bride.
We also received a thank you gift - small glass bottles with caramelized popcorn (Yummy) and each table had 2 bottles of wine (Red & White) from Du Toits Kloof (a Tunnel close to Worcester in the Western Cape) 

More Wedding photos

Me and my date & his family! 

Me and my date!

Me and my best friend (Right) and (left) her brothers 
girlfriend and me in the middle!

...And me!

Let me know what you think of the outfit! 

Tip! Always make sure you do your hair first - 
you never know when you might have load shedding! 
(I finished my make-up on Sat and just as I was about to start with my hair - 
we got load shedding (laughs) - but I still love SA)

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Friday, 15 May 2015

The Wedding Outfit! 

Helllloooooo Beautiful people!! 

Soooooo this week I have been making big plans for this weekend and my career! 
I will soon start with my beauty therapy course - I CANT WAIT!
And this weekend I have a wedding! 
But first back to the Beauty Therapy course - I applied with a distance learning college as I have to work while I study (for the money off course).
So my goal is to start my own beauty salon by next year December 2016.
If the time isn't right yet, I'll have my own mobile salon - to start! 
So basically the services I will be offering is: 
Facial skin care
Lash and brow

And when I'm done I'd like to do a hair course.
But one thing at a time!


The above image is a combination of items similar to what mine looks like.

The Dress: 

Last year with my modelling Nationals I bought myself a dress similar to the top, only short sleeves and the back isn’t as low as above (I would have loved exactly the same dress). My reason also for purchasing this dress is because I'm short and I don’t have the slimmest body - I always try to wear something that hides the curvy areas. This dress also gives such a sexy look with the slit and the open back. I have never really been bothered about showing cleavage but with a beautiful back - who cares about cleavage???

The Shoes:

My shoes are black and look almost the same except for the ankle strap. 
Tip - if you are short and feel more comfortable with ankle straps – go for thin straps, a thick strap is going to make your legs look shorter and bigger!


Black plain clutch bag. It just has to be big enough for my basic - cell phone, lip-ice, lip-stick, base, tissue, and a perfume –
to make sure you keep fresh all night. 

Earrings and bracelet:

This was the closest I could find to what mine actually looks like
 Earrings: Gold and silver strings with diamonds. Its soooo pretty!
Bracelet: 2 (x 3) different strings - also with diamonds.
It makes your arms look!


At first I wanted to do some curly's but I decided to go with the long straighten hair!! Above hair styles I just loved, my idea is to have the one side up, (plaited - brown hair girl), because I have a fringe, it will look something like the blonde hair girl? Hope it makes sense! 


My favourite part of all! I decided to go with a gold, bronze and black look. The wedding starts at 3 but I can still pull off this Smokey eye look - any time of the day. I have to admit when I saw this colour lipstick I loved it! I'd usually go for blood red lipstick but this dark colour will really look good with my eye make-up!  

Make sure you keep an eye open next week when my update pops up in your mail box or when you just quickly want to check in on my blog –
I'll post some photos of the wedding!!! :)

Have a save and great weekend! 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Taylor Swift – favorite sidewalk looks!

Hellllooooo beautiful people,

I try to subscribe to ALL major websites to get updates and at the moment my 3 favorite one’s are Vogue, ELLE and Free People – Vogue and ELLE, we all know is the world’s TOP FASHION magazines (and who’s doing what stories)! Free People is an online fashion shop – if that’s the correct way to put it? anyways just go check it out - that’s if you are into the who Bohemian style, living on the beach with your fabric draping tents and eating all natural foods like fruit ... leaves – Okay I don’t really know what you eat (if you are Bohemian, but darling I love your style).

Back to what I actually want to share with you guys is... (Drum roll please) TAYLOR SWIFT! My all time favorite international artist, fashion icon and an inspiration to my fashion designing – that’s how I see Taylor Swift, I mean how perfect can one be? she looks like a princess, your typical girl (just like me and you), our hearts have been broken (over and over and over and....), except where we differ she made a career out of her broken heart (over and over and...) and we didn't. Did I add she has a beautiful skin!

Name: Taylor Alison Swift
Date of Birth: Dec 13, 1989
Born: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
At the age of 14 Taylor moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her dream as a country singer.

2008       Fearless – ‘Love song’ and ‘You belong with me’, became the best-selling album in the USA in 2009, the album also won Grammy awards and the youngest winner ever for the ‘Album of the year’.
2010       Speak now – Sold more than 1 mil copies within the first week of their U.S. release. ‘Mean’ won 2 Grammy awards.
2012       Red – Also sold more than 1 mil copies in the first week of their U.S. release. ‘We are never ever getting back together’ and ‘I knew you were trouble’ were worldwide hits.
2014       1989 – more pop focused – more copies was sold in its opening week than any album in the previous 12 years, it was also made Taylor the first and only act to have 3 albums sell more than 1 mil copies in opening week. ‘Shake it off’ and ‘Blank Space’ both reached no 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

So what made me actually interested in sharing some of Taylor's sidewalk looks was ELLE’s article about her sidewalk looks “55 Times ELLE's June Cover Girl, Taylor Swift, Turned the Sidewalk into a Catwalk.
These were my favorites.

Out in Los Angeles in Alice + Olivia shorts, Prada shoes, a Charlotte Olympia bag, and an Irene Neuwirth necklace. 
I like this outfit, especially if you are tall with the ankle boots, you can pull it off. The high-waist pants also makes your legs look longer. My personal opinion for short girls that wants to try this, go with an open shoe or perhaps a boot with a cut, down to your toes to make your legs look taller.  If your high waist shorts are printed and looks 'busy', go with a plain top (like Taylor), add jewelry if you want to draw a bit of attention to your beautiful face.

Out in New York city’s SoHo. 
This will probably be my first choice of outfit if I meet up with a friend at a coffee shop. 
I love the Peter Pan Collar, its got that sweet girl look, baby blue dress (I’d go for a black). 
Her peach loafers is probably something I would have never bought myself but a few months ago, 
I purchased a pair (flats - Moccasins) and I love it.  
The mustard satchel is so feminine and some how Taylor seems to pull of all the colors perfectly!

Leaving her TriBeCa Apartment in New York with a Valextra handbag.
I love the whole outfit! (it might just be a jacket, stockings and ankle boots - but what the hell, it looks sooo nice).
The cream collarless princess coat is just the right length - it hides your party dress perfectly if you want to WOW the crowd. 
I love the laced black ankle boots with the black stockings - it makes her legs look slimmer 

In an Osman romper and Lorraine Schwartz earrings at the Pre-Grammy Awards Gala in Beverly Hills. 
Okay so with all honesty this might look like your pajamas - but if you looked this good in a baby blue (shorts & 3/4 sleeve) jumpsuit with yellow dotties - why not wear them to the Pre-Grammy awards?  I love how she can pull off this look. I personally think her make-up gives the look a more professional edge. I have always liked the idea of shorts and 3/4 or long sleeve.

In Julien MacDonald at the 2013 American Music Awards. 
WOW this is my favorite of all outfits. The mini-dress featured a nude-illusion lining at the bodice - 
which was not on his original design on the catwalk. I love belts so the belt blended perfectly in with the rest dress.
Her choice - or stylists choice of Jimmy Choo shoes was a great match for the dress, 
any other color wold have not completed the dress the same way these shoes does.
 Her hair and make up also gave this look a sexy edge. 
Hair: messy, bedhead waves. Make-up: bronze-tinged smokey eyes and nude lips. 
(Glad she forgot about the red lipstick) 

So I'm not going to go through all my favourite sidewalk outfits - so if you want to check the rest out visit 


Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Good morning Beautiful people

Some of you might have heard I sell Avon. If you are in the Alberton area and you would like to support me, e-mail me – I’d appreciate it a lot!! I’d also add something extra for you in your purchase (a present from me)!

Some of my favourite specials and items this month! 

For him!

For her!

Give me a call if you live in Alberton and you are interested in purchasing something.


Nelspruit: Botanical gardens #2

Good Tues-day
So last week I told you guys about my visit to the Botanical Gardens – well here’s my pictures. Let me know what you think!!

next time when you are in Nelspruit, take some turn and go on a tour through the Gardens - You won't regret it!