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Miss South Africa 2015 - Liesl Laurie!

What a glitz and glamorous event! Off course it's Miss South Africa 2015 - like a true rugby supporter as the game continues the tension build up and you feel like screaming and just praying your team wins. Well that's how I felt last night watching Miss South Africa that took place at Sun City!

When this glamorous events kicked off last night, we all set our hearts on a specific girl you know personally or just met through your TV screen  - either way SHE MUST WIN (according to you), because she is your favourite and she deserves it, so unless you have been following her on twitter/facebook any kind of social network and know she has done her part in the community even before Miss SA you are entitle to your own opinion, but like me (guilty) I didn't really do any research about the girls however, I did read on the Miss SA website their profiles I guess that still counts! :) 

Top 12

My favorites was
Chanelle Sardinha (23)

Danelle de Wet (21)

 Liesl Laurie (23)

Taryn Morris (25)

South Africa's TOP 3! 
 The first princess is Refilwe Mthimunye while Ntsiki Mkhize came third.
Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie!

Miss South Africa 2015 - LIESL !!
The beautiful, inspirational and ambitious 24 year old from Eldorado Park, South of Johannesburg, walked the stage with proud after being selected the most successful candidate to represent our beautiful country & making a difference in peoples lives! 

Crowned last night as Miss South Africa 2015, Liesl has a lot of responsibilities that lies ahead of her. In between her busy schedule being a B.Com student, modeling, making a difference and now Miss South Africa 2015 - we can only expect to see great things from this young lady.

Beautiful photos of Liesl


Miss World Winners - South Africa 

Penelope Anne Coelen - 1958

Anneline Kriel - 1974

Rolene Strauss - 2014

When beauties come together! 

Hope to see the finalists of 2015 that did not make it as a title holder this year, we as your fans & followers hope you will next year try again as Miss South Africa 2016. I believe these girls has achieved a lot just by being selected as the top 12 finalists. It takes hard-work, dedication, ambition and a heart of gold to come this far! There are so many girls out there that has what it takes to be part of this industry - only if you put your heart to it and know you really want it! You can achieve it! 

Hope you enjoyed this my beautiful people! 


Friday, 27 March 2015

Hi All,

It's Friday - and that means... sleeping in tomorrow! Okay not for long as I have my first local celebrity interview tomorrow with the beautiful Bianca Biccard! So expect a interview post in the near future! :D

Bianca Biccard

As all of you know or most of you, I am a model at ACE Models Alberton. Modeling has always been 1 of my dreams - yes I have a lot of dreams! This year ACE Models are celebrating their 10th birthday! Every year we have a National ACE Modeling Conference and due to 10 years of celebrating the success of South Africa's leading modeling agency - we will be hosting the big event in Mosselbay, 25 - 29 June 2015. Joani Johnson, founder and National Director of ACE Models, former Mrs South Africa 2009, CEO and Pageant director of Mrs South Africa since 2011, will be giving all ACE Models Nation wide & off course our Namibia ACE Models, the chance to learn & love modeling even more then we already do.

Joani Johnson

ACE Models National Conference Bloemfontein 2014 
Let me tell you more about last years weekend of the 4 - 6th of Oct - this was also my first time to attend the conference (ACE Models Alberton only opened in June 2014), this took place in Bloemfontein, the city with the most beautiful roses! ;) We were privileged to attend this fun & fabulous weekend. It was also a chance to meet other models from all over the country and our International branch in Namibia. We were also inspired by Miss SA 2009, Nicole Flint and Mrs SA 2014, Sarah-Kate Scott, who motivated us to follow our dreams despite our culture, age and height.

Nicole Flint

Sarah-Kate Scott 

The whole weekend consisted of workshops, castings, photo shoots and a Fashion Extravaganza.National Model Scouts, Talent Scouts, Celebrities and Beauty Pageants Scouts attended this event as judges to give us the necessary exposures. National ACE Model winners was also crowned in age groups along with categorized winners.

From Saturday through to Monday Morning we were busy, but we were also pampered and wore designer outfits & dresses! (Totally loved that).


  •  Registration
  • Castings for models (Catwalk Style)
  • Casting for models (Pageant Style)
  • Fittings & rehearsals 
  • Full dress rehearsals
  • Team fashions show - Basically each branch had to do their own team fashion show! We had great fun at the end of the day, even though we had our mistakes here and there! I definitely have to give the other branches a thumbs up - their shows was really really good!  
This was taken with our Group Fashion Show - I don't have a photo with the other girls.
Will have to get!

Casting (Pageant Style): Me, Gaby (No longer with ACE), 
Pumi, Tilana & Veronique (No longer with ACE).

  • Call backs for Saturdays castings - ACE Models Alberton had a call back for the beautiful Tilana Benadie, the rest of us will get call backs this year ;)
  • Final Rehearsals - Wayne Stafford was the choreographer for the Fashion Extravaganza - he is such a treat!  
  • Fashion Extravaganza (Our make-up and hair was done and we modeled in designer dresses & outfits) this was open to public to come and enjoy this glamorous event. 
Me (Purple) and Tilana (Brown) - she got a call back.


Monday was more relaxed but also fun and inspirational. We had a workshop with Industry professionals like Joani Johnson, Nicole Flint and Sarah-Kate Scott!

We got a phopto with the beautiful Sarah-Kate Scott!! 

I had to atleast take 1 selfie!

As you can see this is every models dream to attend this conference - This is exclusive to ACE  Models, if you'd like to be part of this fun filled weekend join a ACE models Branch in your area. Last night at class Bianca (ACE Models director Alberton) gave each model a sponsorship form, I would like to ask each one of my followers to help me reach my dream to attend this weekend. If you have anything to sponsor whether its a dress, hair, nails, make-up, accommodation etc. and money sponsors, please don't hesitate to send me a mail. I will also in return advertise your business (big or small) on my blog. I will be doing posts on you and your business, making sure I give something in return to my sponsors for their support. If you would like to see the letter and form I will forward it to you via email. andreasprettylittleworld@gmail.com

In the next few weeks I will be having a morning tea fundraising for my trip to Mosselbay to attend the conference, more details to follow. I'd like to thank the ladies from my church that came up with this idea. I wouldn't have probably thought of this.

Hope to hear from you soon


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Welcome to my blog!

Hope you enjoyed my posts so far. 

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Hope to hear from you soon. 


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Know your Modern VintageStyle

So really I have always been a fan of VintageStyles & BohemianStyle! Today I feel the need to share some interesting facts and KNOW YOU STYLE posts on VintageStyle.

Little frills, Irish lace, crochet, beige, coke, hessian, old radio and camera, dirty shades of pink/purple colour.... we are on the same page yet?

So clothing produced before the 1920’s was referred to as antiques, I quote “from the 1920s to 20 years from the present day is considered vintage”. Retro or vintage style refers to clothing of the previous era that has been copied. Reproduction is usually when clothing has been newly made from an old (vintage) garment. More recent produced vintage clothing is  called modern or contemporary (vintage) fashion. Original vintage clothing has probably been previously worn. There is little that has not been worn and these items are usually found in old warehouse stock – if these items still have their tags on it could be valuable and that means “KA-JING”- if you’ll be interested in selling vintage clothing. I also believe true vintage is hand made by individuals but can also be commercial produced.

I really think the first time I fell in love with VintageStyle was when I watched “Wild Child” when the girls visited the vintage store, those college towns or artsy neighborhoods in London, gives me that Vintage-tious atmosphere and inpiration. The shop was packed with all these different accessories, shoes, dresses etc. That’s what I call a real vintage store.

In South Africa we don’t have a lot of vintage store I know of – please do tell me if you have a favourite store I’d love to go visit! In other countries you’ll usually find vintage clothing at charity-run second hand shops, consignment shops, garage sales, flea markets, antique markets, vintage clothing shops, fairs and I bet there are lots more. If you don’t have any of the above mentioned places close-by - but you have internet buy online eBay, Zando, Spree, Labels4Less etc.

Vintage designers of the era:
  •   Marc Jacobs
  • Coco Chanel
  • Christian Dior
  • Hubert de Givenchy
  • Clair McCardell
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Vivienne Westwood
  • Jean Paul Gaultier
 Designing has always been 1 of my passions, for the past few weeks I have had this idea of designing my own Vintage range – no it’s probably not going to be warn all over the World, but maybe if Karlien van Jaarsveld, Jeannie D or Natalie Becker sees it they’ll fall in love with it. So this is my next big project – but I’ll talk about this in a later post. 

First Meet Vintage

Hope you enjoyed! 

My Designing Presentation

So last year I finished my course in Fashion Artist and Portfolio Presentation. Once you start studying something you actually realize how many different aspects this interest of yours have. That's exactly what happened to me so I'm going to be honest I really thought it's just about picking up the pencil, be inspired and draw! We'll its not! I had 3 assignments and in those 3 assignments there were little tasks I had to do. 

But here are some of my end results - I'm proud to announce I got 100% for all 3 my assignments. 

Sophisticated but yet Glam look!

 Night time wear - not to fancy but i needed to add a bit of sparkles there

This is more relaxed when you are going away - but you still want to look good.

We all want people to STOP & STARE! So this was my first thought!
Red and sexy!

Let me know what you think!